You came here to see what my weaknesses were, huh? You voyeur, you.

Well… I’ll share with you my biggest one:

I am a “people pleaser”.

Although that may not sound terribly deficient, attempting to be all things to all people can be quite debilitating.

You may be wondering how this weakness has translated within my places of employment.

Well, when colleagues – be they senior level to me or below – would stop by my office for a “favor” my answer tended to always be “yes”.

Whether it was a simple tweak to a PowerPoint presentation, or someone wanting concepts for a new social media campaign, I would happily add the task to my list with little regard for what projects were already on my plate. A week later I would be overwhelmed and comically oblivious as to how my to-do list got so out of control. Despite this, I would hit every deadline, but with a few more gray hairs and a point or two added to my diastolic to show for it.

Ultimately, I realized that this was no way to live. Now, I spend every day honing my project management skills and finding unique ways to stay organized and prioritize projects. I’m a work in progress, but I proudly see this “weakness” as an amazing opportunity to improve.

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