Logo Design Brief and Quote Builder

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Logo Design Brief and Quote Builder

(50% deposit required)

Invoice will be sent upon quote and assessment completion.

To get the foundation of your design project, use the tool below to build your design brief.
*Note: Reverting from this design brief is an option, but may incur additional costs.

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Providing more design options beyond what you select here is, of course, an option, but will incur an additional fee. We will also set a time aside to discuss the goals for your brand.
If you have answered the logo assessment thoughtfully, we should not need to do too many modifications (if any). A $10 fee will be assessed for each additional modification outside of how many you select.


INCLUDED: Design delivered in multiple formats (png, jpeg, pdf)


  • Market research
  • Full brand system delivered for use across social media and various platforms
  • Mockup examples for full preview of logo implementation
Please provide your name, email, and any additional notes or questions you'd like to include. Then hit the button below. YOU WILL THEN BE TAKEN TO THE NEXT STEP WHICH IS THE ASSESSMENT.

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